SlideRabbit Presentation Workshop
At The Together Digital Conference

Bethany Auck, Founder & Creative Director here at SlideRabbit, will be running a presentation workshop at the Together Digital national conference, September 19 – 20th. There are about 100 tickets are still available!

Bethany Auck has been working in presentation design & production for over a decade. Initially in the courtroom and later in boardrooms, training facilities and at international conferences, Bethany works with her clients and their content to create narrative and visual interest where there were once only bullet points.

Workshop Agenda

In this workshop, Bethany Auck will cover tactics for reducing text on slides, increasing slide production speed, and creating more visually appealing slides. With bits and pieces from all our customized workshop options (see below), this training will cover a lot of ground.

Bring your laptop for this crash course! We’ll be looking at the PowerPoint interface and reviewing how to use certain features to increase both the quality of the slides and the efficiency of production.

What is Together Digital?

Together Digital is an organization focused on helping professional women in the digital space help themselves and each other. Digital is defined broadly and the membership, divided into chapters across the country, ranges from entrepreneurs to entry-level professionals.

Membership comes with access to monthly meetups and a very active and informative Slack workspace.

Other SlideRabbit Presentation Workshops

SlideRabbit offers customized presentation workshops. Bethany and the team evaluate your team’s needs, files and work samples to build a custom agenda focused on strengthening weak areas in presentation design.

Presentation Workshop Assets_SlideDiets_Small SlideRabbit’s original workshop focuses on strategies for simplifying and reducing slide content, without losing meaning. The curriculum includes editing and prioritization tactics, data display skills, using visual elements, and PowerPoint tools to make your slides work harder.

Presentation Workshop Assets_TemplateTraining_SmallOur templates come with instructional notes and a quick start guide, but sometimes live training just can’t be beat. We built your custom templates and know all the ins & outs. This workshop focuses on training your team to use your template to its ultimate potential.

Presentation Workshop Assets_PowerPoint101_SmallPowerPoint101 focuses on teaching less experienced users the software. We review the interface, explore productivity tools, and uncover hidden functionality. Workshop participants can expect to learn how to produce aesthetically-pleasing presentations efficiently.

Considering some presentation software training for your team? Drop us a line!

Or just let us take it off your plate. We’ll happily design your next presentation.