In-house or professional presentation design?

Ever been facing a crucial presentation and feeling the pressure to create something that will not only convey your message but also keep capture the audience’s attention and stick in their memories? It can be overwhelming! Not only do you need to become a subject matter expert, but now you’re also trying to be a designer and a communication expert as well.

Luckily, when the stakes are high, there are options! Investing in professional presentation design can make your content more memorable and engaging. Below, we’ll explore when and why it might make sense to hire an agency, rather than DIY-ing it and hoping for the best.

When to Hire a Professional Presentation Design Agency

1. High-Stakes Presentations

High-stakes presentations can directly impact business outcomes. Things like investor pitches, client proposals, or conference keynotes are key inflection points. When the chips are all on the table, hire a professional presentation design agency.

Of course, hiring an agency is an investment, but one that can provide quite a bit of ROI in the form of increased sales or investments, or even enhanced authority and prestige.

An agency has the bandwidth, skills, and expertise to give your high-stakes presentation all the attention and bells and whistles it needs. A professional presentation design agency can ensure your presentation is polished and effective.

2. Lack of In-House Expertise

Good presentation design requires a developed set of skills and knowledge. Professional designers understand design principles, typography, color theory, and how to visually communicate your message.

Not everyone has a background in design. If your team lacks the skills to create visually appealing and coherent presentations, it’s worth hiring professionals.

3. Time Constraints

Creating a high-quality presentation takes time, a luxury often in low supply at bustling businesses. Rather than piling a presentation onto a over-taxed team, consider outsourcing to the experts.

Hiring an agency can save you valuable hours and ensure the job is done right.

4. Need for Custom, High-Quality Graphics

If you want to rise above the noise, using the standard templates and basic elements available will fall short. Incorporating higher-value design elements can help.

Agencies have the tools and expertise to create unique and professional visuals that can make your presentation stand out.

5. Consistent Branding

Ensuring that presentations align with your company’s branding is crucial for maintaining a professional image. Non-experts may lack the knowledge and tools to create enough pizzazz without violating branding rules.

Agencies are adept at maintaining consistency with your brand’s colors, fonts, and overall style, which is especially important for client-facing materials.

6. Large-Scale Projects

When you need multiple presentations or a series of slides for different departments or events, trying to handle it all in-house means a stressed and over-worked team.

Especially for infrequent events, like annual national sales meetings, the increased hours needed to prepare for this event are very difficult to fold into the regular flow of business. By outsourcing some or all of the production, the internal team can focus on the bigger picture.

Handling a large volume of slides can be overwhelming, but agencies have the capacity to manage large projects efficiently.

7. Innovative and Engaging Presentations

An in-house team often doesn’t have the time to keep up with industry innovation, and that doesn’t just mean design. Presentation professionals are frequently attending conferences, engaging in online discourse, or reading books from experts in order to hone and improve their craft.

If you want to incorporate the timely trends and benefit from the latest engagement strategies, a professional presentation design agency is often more equipped to help you incorporate advanced features, innovative design, or powerful narrative.


Whether the occasion calls for a cut-above when it comes to presentation-quality, or whether the in-house team barely has their head above water, hiring a professional presentation design team can provide a level of polish and effectiveness that’s hard to achieve in-house.

Next time the circumstances call for it, consider seeking help from the experts! We’d love to help you bring your a-game.

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