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Engaging visual design concepts instead of boring text

Are the visuals in your presentation working? Can the audience quickly understand them and do they aid in bolstering your main points? Rather than generic diagrams or graphics from the internet, our team of designers create custom visuals for business presentations. This may include personalized presentation graphics, illustrations, infographics, images, and more, all designed to elevate your content.

While concept evaluation is a part of content design, we also offer round of evaluation where SlideRabbit’s Creative Director, will present the client team with proposed visual design concept ideas to express especially important or complex ideas.

Our concept generation service includes

Consultation to identify crucial messages

Through in-depth consultations with key stakeholders, we pinpoint important message points that resonate with your audience. This process helps to ensure each visual design concept aligns with your objectives so that the visuals in your presentation match your style and messaging.

Creative ideation around complex ideas

Businesses often struggle with creating presentation visuals for complex concepts. SlideRabbit specializes in transforming intricate ideas into compelling visual narratives that captivate your audience. Translating complexity into simplicity makes for an impactful visual presentation.

Design execution and animation

Our design experts create captivating presentation visuals and animations to effectively convey your message. Whether it’s presentation graphics, illustrations, graphs, or other custom design elements, SlideRabbit executes a visual presentation that promises to wow your audience.

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Concept generation

Visual presentation concept portfolio

Get inspired by our portfolio of expertly designed presentation visuals.

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