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Narrative consulting services

Storytelling in presentations: critical for powerful impact

Lost in the minutiae of your message? Seeing your audiences tune out? SlideRabbit can help with presentation narrative so that messages grab the audience right away and keep their attention all the way through. From helping form a presentation narrative to creating a smooth narrative flow, we’re here to ensure your presentation unfolds seamlessly.

Our Creative Director, Bethany Auck, will review your materials, whether that be an existing presentation or an assortment of documents. She will work iteratively with your team to create an ideal narrative for your presentation, along with identifying the content and visual approaches to support the messages.

Our presentation narrative service includes

Evaluating materials
and end goals

The SlideRabbit team reviews source material in whatever form it exists — slides, documents, etc. — to gain a well-rounded understanding of the issues at hand. Then, through a meeting with stakeholders, we identify the audience and goals for the main takeaways.

Recommending a narrative flow

Based on decades of experience in persuasive and informative presenting, Bethany Auck generates a recommended narrative flow, along with visual concepts, bolstered by qualitative and quantitative data.

Iteration with client stakeholders

The best narratives are not created in a bubble. SlideRabbit welcomes iteration with client stakeholders to arrive at the optimal narrative path before the content design phase. Taking the time to evaluate and hone the narrative and concepts at this stage ensures an excellent narrative for presentation.

Presentation design services

Presentation design

Custom templates

Narrative consulting

Data visualization

Concept generation

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