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6 Ways Animation in PowerPoint Improves Presentations

6 Ways to Improve your Presentations with Animation in PowerPoint SlideRabbit clients are often interested in using animation in PowerPoint and other presentations, but are sometimes at a loss for [...]

5 Lessons We Learned At Our Incredible Annual Team Offsite

5 Lessons We Learned at Our Annual Team Offsite Because SlideRabbit's team is spread across the US, we prioritize a team offsite each year. Beyond being a lot of fun, [...]

4 Critical Reasons to Invest in Presentation Training

4 critical reasons to invest in presentation skills training It's spring time, and that means a lot of new graduates entering the workforce. Many professionals, both early and further on [...]

4 Important Reasons to Add PowerPoint Animation to Your Presentations

Creating Motion Graphics in PowerPoint Animation The use of motion graphics and video are on the rise in communications and marketing. And that's because they work to grab and hold [...]

How to Use AI Design Tools to Create Better Presentations Faster

How to Use AI Design Tools to Create Better Presentations Faster Like everyone, the SlideRabbit team is getting excited about the new AI design tools emerging and how they might [...]

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An easy-to-update financial presentation: save yourself some time!

Building an easy-to-update financial presentation Below, tips & tricks on creating a foundational financial presentation that will make your life easier. Here at SlideRabbit, we help streamline quarterly- and monthly-reporting [...]

Great News! Two New Presentation Services Retainer Spots!

Two New Presentation Services Retainer Spots! SlideRabbit launched our presentation services retainer program in 2020. It's become such a success, that we are expanding the program! 95% of our retainer [...]

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