Project Description

Del Monte’s Diversification Investor Presentation

SlideRabbit often partners with ICR, inc to work with their clients on investor communication presentations. For this project, we worked with Del Monte on a presentation geared toward showcasing its new diversification strategy to potential investors. The client sought to demonstrate its commitment to long-term growth by expanding its net work and range of products.


  • Modernizing the Del Monte brand expression to reflect its metamorphosis.
  • Articulating a complex diversification strategy in a clear and compelling manner.
  • Highlighting the benefits of diversification to investors, emphasizing stability and potential for increased returns.
  • Ensuring the presentation resonates with a diverse audience, from seasoned investors to those new to financial markets.

SlideRabbit produced a new look & feel to bring Del Monte’s brand into 2024 and devised visuals to illustrate and communicate their massive reach, new strategies, and forward-looking intentions.