SlideRabbit Presentation Art Director Spotlight: Erinn Lawber

SlideRabbit provides professional and custom presentation design services. Today, meet our Presentation Art Director, Erinn Lawber!

Erinn has been with the SlideRabbit team since early 2015 and working in presentation design since 2006. She’s an expert in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, with high proficiency in Keynote.

Presentation Art Director


As our tech lead, Erinn keeps our team abreast of technical updates to presentation software, as well as Adobe products and our internal systems. She is our functionality guru, keeping us working at our full potential. She’s a vital part of our team.

What do clients have to say about Erinn as a Presentation Art Director?

Recently, Erinn ran Art Direction point on a large project with 10 decks and over 300 slides for a pharmaceutical client. These slides were highly data-driven and needed quite a bit of work to simplify the data into digestible messaging.  Tasked with cohesion and quality-control across all decks, Erinn knocked it out of the park.

After the project, the clients said:

“Thank you to you and your team for your support in developing our stories. All was very well received today and it was clear that some complex messages had been very cleverly simplified.”

“AWESOME SLIDES! Slides look amazing: thank you for your hard work during the past weeks!”

“Thank you for the work – I’m sure it wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish with the amount of content… Our brand reviews were very well received and a step change in quality. The teams did an awesome job in large part due to having awesome material to share.”

Want to work with Erinn?

We get it. She’s a technical expert with an amazing eye for design.

SlideRabbit operates as a team, so please reach out and we’ll be happy to help with all your presentation design & development needs.

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