Slide Company Services:
SlideRabbit’s Superior
Custom Deck Design

As a slide company, SlideRabbit specializes in presentation design services. Primarily, we focus on custom-branded slide design and all other elements of presentation development & design. If you’ve ever struggled through making a presentation only to be disappointed by the end result, check out what our services are all about.

How does a slide company work?

All slide companies are different. There are some that do low-cost, quick-turn clean up. Others are so involved in the creation process that they engage with the speaker for months before an event.

SlideRabbit sits right in the middle of that continuum. We treat each project as unique. We work with the client to set a scope and statement of work, which can include a variety of services.

From there, we review the material to find areas for improvement not only in the design, but also in how ideas are presented. Great presentations require great informational design.

What is informational design?

Informational design uses visual elements to tell a story or make a point. Instead of a slide full of bullet points, we use design to express ideas in more attention-grabbing ways. Using informational design instead of text, your audience is able to better understand and remember your presentation. No more glazed eyes.

We turn text slides into visual slides through a variety of tactics that can include diagrams, images, graphs and charts. Further, we do it in your brand identity.

Will custom deck design improve my slides?

Let’s take a look at an example. On the left is a slide received from a client. They were using this slide to pitch new business and introduce the company. We developed a new look & feel and worked with them to reduce their text content. The result is on the left: a more engaging and memorable slide.

SlideRabbit Slide Company Design


Brand recognition

Firstly, with a slide company, your content can come alive in your brand visual identity. Branded design is everywhere in our every day world. We learn to identify brands by colors, fonts and other design staples. Using branded design in your presentations creates a recognizable link that your audience will remember long after you’ve left.

Visual communication

Secondly, informational designers make connections between plain text and the visual elements that make your slides more engaging. Creating that engagement ensures that your audience understands your content.

See more of our custom slide design here.

What do our customers say?

Take it from a real customer. Tailor Technology Group says, “SlideRabbit fills an important gap in our sales process, helping us turn complex ideas into relatively simple visual concepts. Adding a SlideRabbit review to our sales decks has definitely helped us get new business.”

To wrap up…

Custom slide design is not the only superior service we offer! For all your presentation needs, SlideRabbit also offers content consulting help, narrative sculpting, custom templates, and edits and rush support. We design collateral for events and offer workshops for client’s who want to improve their in-house skills. Let us be your slide company!

Interested in seeing what SlideRabbit’s superior design can do for your presentations? Drop us a line!