2 Easy Ways to Contribute to PowerPoint Improvements via UserVoice

If you work regularly with slides in PowerPoint, you probably have a host of ideas for improvements swirling in your head. We know we do here at SlideRabbit. Luckily for us all, the Microsoft PowerPoint team is devoted to making their software the best it can be.

When using PowerPoint you may notice tools that aren’t working quite right. Or, you may notice tools that would be useful but simply aren’t there.

With the new Office 365, Microsoft regularly rolls out updates to the software to fix bugs and add capability. To guide these changes, they rely on user feedback from people just like you.

Not only do they attend the annual Presentation Summit, but the PowerPoint development team has also created an easy way to communicate your wants and needs directly. UserVoice is Microsoft’s PowerPoint improvements suggestion box and everyone has access. The Microsoft team reads every single submission made through UserVoice.

Use it when you run into a snag or notice a bug. Use it to suggest new functionality or to share even general goals for the product. For instance, here at SlideRabbit, we suggested the Mac platform needed to be able to embed fonts. And they listened!

Communicating PowerPoint Improvements

UserVoice is a great tool to quickly provide feedback as you’re working. Here’s how to access UserVoice on both PC’s and Mac’s. For PC’s, go to File > Feedback. On Mac’s, look for the happy face drop down at the top right of your interface. The feedback tool can also send a screenshot of what you’re working on to the team, so they can see exactly what you mean.

Additionally, you can go directly to the web forum to leave feedback, or up-vote other suggestions. The more votes each idea gets, the more likely Microsoft is to begin working on that item. When using the web forum, make sure to select your platform (i.e. Mac, PC, Android, etc.).

The Microsoft PowerPoint design & development team is committed to creating a user-friendly product. They acknowledge that PowerPoint has room for improvement. By listening to input from everyday users, they hope to build an even more useful software. Help them do so by sharing your feedback via UserVoice.

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