The Presentation Summit:
A Presentation Consulting Conference

Irma tried to throw a wrench in our plans, but nothing can keep us from the Summit!

On September 24-27, the annual ” rel=”nofollow”>Presentation Summit will be held in Clearwater Beach, FL. This is the ONLY presentation specific conference available. Many companies in the presentation consulting space, including SlideRabbit, will be attending. However, the summit is also for anyone who’s looking to learn about presentation design, support or delivery!

Everyone from those making sales presentations to those learning to present with confidence can learn something at the Summit.

Although there will be a small expo, the summit is not a trade show. The summit is a ‘user conference’ where attendees work together and share their concerns, techniques, and inspiration as well as learn from other experts. The schedule includes a round table, a ton of seminars covering topics from design skills to speaking tips and everything in between, group exercises, a hands-on help center and so much more.

What’s better than gaining useful skills and collaborating with awesome people? Nothing.

…but the hotel pool is pretty close!

We’ll be writing up our highlights after the conference, but there’s still time to join us. As of yesterday, there were 12 seats left. In the meantime, check out some of the highlights from last year.

We hope to see you all there! If you need a presentation expert on call, feel free to drop us a line!