Step Up Your
PowerPoint Design Game
with Office 365’s New Icon Library

Icons are a great PowerPoint design tool. They can replace text on slides, increase visual interest, and create memory-enhancing connections between ideas.

All of SlideRabbit’s icons are custom designed. Our ever-growing icon library includes thousands of icons organized into categories and created in style-matching sets. We even have very unique icons like sushi, lipstick, hot air balloons, and everything in between!

Our design team uses native PowerPoint shapes to create these. Unfortunately, for those without graphic design skills or experience, this is much easier said than done. The good news is, if you have a PC and Office 365*, you now have access to a simple icon library within PowerPoint.

*The icon library is not yet available for Mac. 

Where to Find the Icon Library & What to Expect

Click on the Insert tab > Icons for the library to appear.

The library contains up to 500 icons categorized in topics such as ‘People’ and ‘Food’. Scroll through the options and choose the icon that is most appropriate for your content. Once you have chosen an icon, click on it and press Insert.


There are a few shortcomings, though. Although the library has many standard icons, specific or unusual icons are still lacking. Stylistically, the icons do not always match. Further, the style of these icons may not be right for your brand or look & feel.

How to Adjust the Looks of PowerPoint Icons

The icon appears on the slide just as it does in the library, black and dull. Thankfully, PowerPoint did everyone a favor by making these icons vectors rather than images. What does this mean for you? You can change the size and color (inside and the boarder) of the icon easily.

To change the size of the icon, click and hold on one of the corner indicators surrounding the icon, drag it outwards (hold Shift to keep the dimensions true). To change the color or outline, click on the icon then go to either the Format or Home tab to pick a color from the Shape/Line Fill drop-down bar.

Icons PowerPoint Design

Looking for help with custom designed icons for your company decks? Let us help