PowerPoint Slide Your Way
Into Office 365

PowerPoint SlideHere at SlideRabbit, we always work in the most current version of PowerPoint (unless specifically requested by a client).Office 365 is the newest version of Office. It is  a subscription-based model, meaning all new features are availably as soon as they are tested and ready. New updates roll out as often as every few weeks.

However, our clients aren’t always as lucky. In case you are working in an environment where early software adoption is not the everyday practice, let us outline some of the advantages to the latest PowerPoint software.

What’s the big deal?

The latest versions of PowerPoint bring with them exciting new functionalities like Morph and stability for 3D models that you can move in space right on your slides. There are also new navigation options like Zoom, which makes it easier to get out of the linear march of slides in interactive ways. In addition, graphing options keep getting better with the addition of more complex graphs like Waterfall charts.

Beyond new features for on your slides, the latest PPT versions are more similar and stable when moving from Mac to PC so that your full workforce can operate seamlessly.

The most recent update should win over IT

The Sept 11, 2018 update is a security update! (Keep up with all the latest updates here.)

This fix addresses four previous security issues. The most common reasoning we hear for slow software adoption is IT’s hesitancy. However, IT can hold the rolling updates for a period of time to let any issues come to light before updating, rather than just opting out of the subscription-based model all together.

We recommend talking to your organization internally about making the switch; the updated tools and stability across platforms and versions will make your PowerPoint slide development easier and faster.

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