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Custom Presentation Templates

Presentation templates are key to efficient and professional presentation production. SlideRabbit creates custom presentation templates, along with many other services.

A well-built template creates a strong starting point for internal team members. SlideRabbit’s templates are custom built. They include tools tailored to each client’s specific needs. Templates may include: custom layouts, libraries for design elements like icons and images, sample graph options, and a lot more.

Presentation templates as teaching tools…

Not only can templates provide your team with tools for success, but they can be valuable teaching tools themselves. Good templates provide non-design professionals with the tools to create eye-catching and concise visuals.

SlideRabbit templates come with a quickstart guide, which includes software skill hints along with design dos & don’ts. Within the template itself, we include instructions on how to edit various layouts and recommendations on formatting & design for effective slides.

Help your team make better visual aids without a design team, by supplying them with a useful template.

Don’t use your typical design resource!

One of our most common client requests is to “fix” a template made by a non-presentation-focused designer or design team. A broken template is a huge hindrance to your team and a sunk cost. Master slides and other theme elements must be created correctly from the ground up to work functionally.

PowerPoint (and other presentation software) is not yet taught in design school. If your design resource (whether in-house, freelance or agency) does not specialize in presentation work, they likely do not have the knowledge to build you a functional template.

What do our template customers say?

A few of our pleased clients:

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! TRULY, LOVE IT!!!!”

“The client loved your design so much, they want to create a separate template for one of their other brands.”

“Thanks again for all your great work on this! This is my first experience with Slide Rabbit, and I am super impressed :) Can’t wait to work with you again!”

In the market for a custom-branded template?

Don’t make the mistake of relying on non-presentation experts for template design & build-out. Reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

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