SlideRabbit’s PowerPoint 101 Workshop: A Helpful 2 Hour Primer

Does your team need a PowerPoint 101 Workshop*? It’s likely that your job requires you to use PowerPoint. It’s also likely that you’ve never been trained on the software.

Here at SlideRabbit, we help clients build beautiful and functional presentation decks & template. We work in Keynote, Google Slides & PowerPoint, but the latter still holds the market.

From high school through retirement, PowerPoint is a part of life. You’ve likely picked up some tricks along the way, but do you really know all of the tools available in the software? There is a LOT of functionality available, much of which is not well-known to the typical user.

After watching our clients struggle with common tasks, we decided to share some knowledge so that the everyday user can be more effective in PowerPoint.

Workshop_Logos PowerPoint 101

What’s in SlideRabbit’s PowerPoint 101 course?

This course focuses on understanding the breadth and depth of functionality available within PowerPoint. We will review the user interface and basic set up, but also delve into tips & tricks to create better slides more easily, explore functionality that is not readily apparent, and discuss best practices to keep your presentations looking polished.

The workshop is very interactive, so bring your questions & frustrations. If we can’t answer the question live, you’ll get a follow-up email with the results of our troubleshooting.

Who should take PowerPoint 101 by SlideRabbit?

PowerPoint 101 is recommended for beginner and intermediate users who were never trained on the software. Even if you’ve been using PowerPoint for years, you will learn new tools to make your life easier.

Right now, PPT 101 is offered to company groups. Keep an eye out for a future offering where independent learners can sign up for a reduced cost. (If this is an option that would be attractive to you, let us know!)

For more advanced users looking to increase speed, we love Nuts & Bolts‘s training courses. Tell them we sent you!

SlideRabbit offers several workshops. Check them out and choose the one that most matches your team’s needs.

Over trying to learn PPT? We’re happy to take over for you. Drop us a line for presentation services.

*This workshop is not affiliated or endorsed by Microsoft but is rather a collection of SlideRabbit’s software knowledge.