What Is A Corporate
Presentation Template?

SlideRabbit provides custom-branded templates. Why use a corporate presentation template?

First of all, templates keep all design elements consistent. They contain hardcoded theme elements like color palette, logos, shape styles and fonts. Beyond these building blocks, a well-built template includes an array of layouts. Slide layout options help users create professional, cohesive presentation decks. Templates improve and accelerate presentation development.

Corporate Presentation Template

Theme Elements

Firstly, theme elements build the backbone of a template. Interestingly, inexperienced presentation shops commonly bungle these core elements. Preferred fonts, styles and the brand color palette must be built in to the theme for a template to be a useful tool. In addition, SlideRabbit includes a one-slide “visual toolkit” – an overview of the template’s theme elements.


Default & Custom Slide Layouts

Master slides contain layout options, which allow users to pick and choose the right layout for the content. Default layouts come in the standard PPT files and should never be deleted or renamed. Presentation designers can add custom-built layouts to further accomodate the client’s needs.


Commonly Used Slides

Commonly used slides, like “Thank you” or “Contact” slides, appear frequently in decks. Useful templates include designed versions of these slides.


Specific Branded Assets

In addition, and customized to the client’s requests, we include library slides with copy and paste elements. These could include, logos, icons, graphs, diagrams, imagery, etc.


Some Extras

SlideRabbit also creates custom designed charts & graph templates to be used within your company presentations. (Be on the look out for a post on CRTX files!)

Finally, we provide a custom tutorial file with each corporate presentation template. The tutorial explains all elements in the template and instructions on how to use them.

Corporate Presentation Template

Tips for achieving the best template for your needs

  1. Where and how will the template be used? Are most of the presentations internal, external, live, handout, small or large amounts of text, etc? The design build out focuses on all of these factors.
  2. How skilled are those using the template? Templates range in complexity depending on the end users’ proficiency in PowerPoint. Hence, it is important to know what assets will be beneficial and what assets will complicate things.
  3. Be aware that the template cannot meet everyones needs. Although templates are a flexible resource, it is important to know that there are some limitations. For example, a template cannot limit the amount of text that users put on each slide. Text reduction strongly correlates with the quality of the end product.

Corporate Presentation Template

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