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Awesome PowerPoint Presentation
Deep Dive Event!

Want to tune up your PowerPoint presentation skills and learn some flashy new tricks? Check out CreativePro’s upcoming virtual event.

PowerPoint Presentation Design Deep Dive

Step up your PowerPoint Presentation know-how

Whether you work with PowerPoint regularly or are looking to experiment more, this event will teach attendees of all levels something new.

Topics range from data visualization to tips and tricks for using other software in conjunction with PowerPoint. Speakers include industry experts like Nolan Haims and Richard Goring, plus one of our own!

PowerPoint Presentation Creative Director

Learn with our Creative Director, Bethany Auck!

Bethany will be leading a session on how Google Slides and PowerPoint can work together.

She’ll cover some GSlides basics and some tricks to make your switch to GSlides go more smoothly.

Did you see Bethany’s session at the Presentation Summit? Don’t worry! This is all new content and a deep look into 3 strategies for data visualization in Google Slides.

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