Master Google Slides with Bethany Auck at the 2020 Presentation Summit

The Presentation Summit is coming up! It is by far our favorite event of the year. This is the only event that focuses on the knowledge and needs of presentation designers, speakers, producers, and everyone else that works heavily in the presentation space. The summit truly is a meeting of the minds from all corners of the presentation industry.

The summit was supposed to take place in Seattle, and although we are bummed about canceling our tickets to the Space Needle, we are thrilled to still have the opportunity to teach, learn and gather virtually. This will be a 4 (half)day conference taking place on August 10-13. Prices reflect the new virtual venue, so it’s a great year to see what you can learn at the Summit.

Excited to join us at the Presentation Summit? This year, look out for SlideRabbit’s Founder, Bethany Auck, who will be training the audience on a wide range of useful Google Slides tips.

More on Bethany’s Google Slides session

Google Slides has made a splash in the presentation software arena. Many companies are switching from PowerPoint to Google Slides for its collaboration tools, which make it easy to stay connected with your team on projects while working remotely.

Moving from one software to another can be a headache. To help smooth the transition to Google Slides, or to improve current Google Slides skills, presentationists must learn the differences, shortcomings, and advantages over more widely-used software.

What else does the Presentation Summit have to offer?

“No other conference on the planet shines a spotlight this bright and this strong on the presentation experience.” – Rick Altman, Conference Host.

The summit is a ‘user conference’ where attendees work together and share their concerns, techniques, and inspiration as well as learn from other experts. The schedule includes 20-25 sessions taught by 19 of the top presentation specialists around! These sessions cover topics from design skills to speaking tips and everything in between.

Many companies in the presentation consulting space, including SlideRabbit, will be attending. However, the summit is also for anyone who’s looking to learn about presentation design, support, or delivery. Whether your presentation expertise relates to delivery, design, technology, or production, the Summit has something for you.

Can’t make it to the summit?

Our Google Slides course is also available as a standalone workshop for your organization. Feel free to reach out to learn more about this workshop.