How to Present Online: SlideRabbit’s Most Requested Workshop of 2020

The Coronavirus is presenting new and unique challenges and changing the way we operate and interact with the world. Now more than ever, learning how to present online is imperative for success.

We’re all quickly learning that keeping attention focused during virtual meetings is a lot harder. From home, attentions tend to wander and distractions abound. There are a few easy ways to step up your virtual presentation game, but how do you approach this new normal and become a more effective presenter?

Introducing our newest workshop, How to Present Online!

SlideRabbit has worked on virtual decks since our inception. Prior to the pandemic crisis, about 35% of our project asks were for virtual decks. Our ‘Rabbits have been trained to alter the design accordingly and we’ve long coached presenters on the opportunities and pitfalls of online presenting. Bethany Auck, our Founder & Creative Director, has been conducting workshops and webinars online for years.

SlideRabbit will walk you through how to present online, from design to delivery

Unlike any of our other workshop offerings, this workshop focuses on opportunities and techniques on how to present online that are specific to the virtual world, from technology to design to delivery style.

Firstly, we will touch on common webinar software options, such as Zoom and GoToWebinar. We’ll review the pros and cons of each and explore features to take advantage of.

Next, we’ll review content and design tips tailored to bandwidth-dependent delivery.

Finally, we’ll discuss how to tailor your delivery and execution to keep attention and encourage engagement.

Whether you’re sharing information internally or with clients and partners, clear and concise messages, quality designs and engaging delivery tactics are all crucial for getting your messages across to your now easily distracted audience.

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Online presenting is not going anywhere

As social distancing and stay-home orders continue, we are all hopeful that we can return to normal soon. Although we don’t know when that will be, one thing is certain: not everything will revert back to the previous status quo. Employers now understand that remote workforces are not only possible, but beneficial in some instances.

Cost savings: Virtual work reduces money spent overhead like office space and infrastructure. Moving conferences and training to an online forum on travel & logistics while providing opportunities for further reach.

Time savings: Presenting virtually is the most time-efficient delivery method. Not only does it save time by eliminating travel and prep time, but it is also more convenient for the audience.

Different challenges appear as we adapt to the virtual world. It’s not going anywhere, so learning how to present online, and doing it well, is crucial for success.

Coming soon: Virtual Accessibility Workshop

Online presenting creates some interesting challenges and opportunities for inclusive design and delivery. We’re putting together some best practices and guidelines on how to make your presentations accessible to all.

In the meantime…

SlideRabbit is here to help with all your virtual presentation needs, including design, accessibility audits, and coaching & support. Stay tuned for our coming-soon Virtual Accessibility Workshop!

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