eLearning: Your #1 Virtual Training Solution

The Coronavirus is presenting new and unique challenges at work. For instance, that once dreaded in-person training is now a virtual training. But how do you effectively transition live instruction to a virtual setting? And how can you guarantee that your trainees are learning?

Enter eLearning.

eLearning is a broad term for any training, learning, and education delivered online via digital resources.

More specifically though, eLearning can be delivered through a learning management system (LMS), providing oversight to see who has completed what courses and with what scores. There are hundreds of LMS software options to choose from, such as our very own clients Blackboard and Workday.

Why choose eLearning over virtual training?

Learner accountability: The difference between any standard virtual learning course and an eLearning course is that eLearning holds the learner accountable. The technology tracks and records the learners’ time and scores, ensuring that users are actively engaged and learning. Conversely, with a video or standard PowerPoint file, there is no way of telling if the end-user viewed and/or retained the content.

Effectiveness: With features such as quizzes and scoring, click-through interaction, and dialog simulation, eLearning is an effective tool for conveying information in an engaging way. This is especially important now given that we all have more distractions at home (think: kids, pets, chores, etc.) than we normally would in the office.

Cost savings: eLearning is a great investment as it reduces money spent on travel & logistics while providing opportunities for further reach (great for large companies with employees in multiple locations).

Time savings: Similar to cost savings, eLearning is the most time-efficient way to train. Not only does it save time on your end by eliminating travel and prep time, but it is also available on-demand so that the learner can fit lessons easily around their own schedule.

What do people use eLearning for?

  • Employee training Whether it’s on-boarding or new software training, crucial knowledge for employee success should be done in the most effective way possible…eLearning!
  • Compliance training Company policies are important to you and your organization. Ensure that your employees are aligned by requiring eLearning sessions on all compliance policies.
  • Customer training Help customers use and understand your products or services better, and avoid unnecessary calls/meetings, through an eLearning training course.
  • Partner, Certification, etc – the list continues!

How can SlideRabbit help?

While navigating through these unprecedented times, you and your audiences’ safety and health remains a priority.  So stay home, and let eLearning (and a little help from the ‘Rabbits) do the work for you. We will work with you to create an effective and fun eLearning module.

Content and narrative

Need help getting started? With a rough outline of the information you need to convey, we will write up a recommended course outline including self-guided learning, interactive experiences, and module quizzes to make sure your audience is engaged and excelling.

Design and development

As always, we can design your slides to follow your branding and give them the visual interest that your audience needs! However, for eLearning slides, every design needs to have a functional purpose. We can turn your slides into a fully functional and hands-on eLearning course.

SCORM Compliance

To help put you at ease even further, here at SlideRabbit, we’re versed in SCORM compliance standards. Shareable content object reference model (SCORM) is a set of technical standards for eLearning software products that is a must-follow. All of our eLearning deliverables are SCORM compliant and compatible with the LMS software of your choosing.

Interested in learning more about how eLearning can help you? Drop us a line!