4 Considerations for your Best Virtual Meetings

Coronavirus has many conferences moving to a format of virtual meetings. With the count of cases increasing, it’s likely that a presentation in your future will be moving from live to virtual. Here at SlideRabbit, we’ve been helping clients prepare for webinars and executing our own for years.

With the added challenge of keeping your audience’s attention without being in the same room, here are three considerations to give the best virtual-based presentation you can.

For Virtual Meetings…

1. Use communicative visuals

Moving to a remote presentation presents a lot of challenges. Maybe the most important one is the loss of body language, eye contact, and engaging stage presence.

How can you keep your audience engaged?

This is where your visual aids become all that more important. Your slides are now your stage presence and your appearance. Make sure they are communicative and useful to your audience. The better they are, the more professional you look.

If you need to step up your game for virtual meetings, give us a shout.

2. Lay off animation & transitions

Animations & transitions will actually work against you. You cannot control others’ connection speed, and animations & transitions can hang up your slide advancements.

Keep remote slides simple so that your audience sees what you intend them to see as you intend them to see it.

3. Avoid low contrast colors

Similarly, you won’t have a chance to see your slides on the display screen. Screens can vary wildly in their color and brightness displays. Very light colors are especially likely to wash out.

To be safe, stick with high contrast colors so that your audience can see everything clearly.

4. Sign in as an attendee

Our favorite trick during our own remote workshops is to keep a second computer in view. Log this computer in as an attendee. It won’t account for all the variables of people logging in remotely, but you’ll have a tighter view of any lag in your slide advancement.

This will help you better time your talk track to your visuals and keep your audience with you through the presentation.

Suddenly find yourself having to go digital for an upcoming presentation? Shoot us a line and we’ll help you look professional and engaging even over the internet.