Social Media is Redefining The Narrative Slide Presentation

Excellent messaging comes from narrative storytelling. This is true in both presentation and other forms of marketing and branding. Here at SlideRabbit, we help our clients deliver powerful messages through narrative slide presentations. Lately, we’re seeing this approach co-opted for social marketing.

Consider that millennials tend to engage with brands on a social level more than ever before. Building a familiar relationship with these potential customer is a must.

Baking story telling into a social marketing strategy can help. But, creating narrative around products and services can be a daunting task. We’ll look at a few examples of great story telling on Instagram below:

Carousel posts are multi-image posts where the user swipes to reveal the next image. They are perfect for story telling and very similar to traditional narrative slide presentations. Check out this example from Krispy Kreme.


With no words, Krispy Kreme just told you a delicious story about the care they take frosting and topping their donuts. It has a stop motion effect that is a bit mesmerizing.


Or take this video story from my favorite dog photog. He uses a series of quick videos to tell the behind-the-scenes story of his photo shoots.

Watching and listening to this video, you now have a new-found respect for how he gets those hilarious and adorable shots of your best friend. He, and his service, is now more approachable to the consumer.

How to use narrative in your social media strategy

These features were designed to maximize engagement, beautify your corporate feed and even optimize ad placement. The addition of more content per post, ensures the ability to tell a linear story to your viewers.

Consider creating before and after sequences, telling a complex story, taking your followers behind the scenes, sharing a surprise reveal, or showcasing your products in use. There’s a million narrative stories that you can use to connect with the online set.

How to adjust your narrative slide presentations

Finally, take into account the two examples above as you think about your next guided presentation. Instead of telling, these narrative slide presentation SHOW.

Use text sparingly. Consider adding video, animation, or stop-motion like picture advancement to tell your story. Your audience is used to engaging narrative in the marketing they see all around everyday, so don’t let your narrative slide presentation fall short of their expectations.

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