Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations in a Snap


Putting together a presentation can be stressful and time consuming. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough time available to consume. If that’s the case, we suggest using what little time you have to create effective PowerPoint presentations focusing on the most valuable parts of the presentations.

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, states that 80% of value comes from 20% of input. Applied to presentation, remember that 20% of your content will inspire 80% of the outcome. That 20% is your key to effective presentation development in limited time.

Map out the content

To begin, do not rush into opening PowerPoint. Beginning with slides can derail effective development as we rush to fill blank slides. Instead, start by mapping out your ideas on paper and identifying your most valuable 20% of content.

Once that 20% has become apparent, it will be easier to create focused and powerful slides.

Know the audience

The best way to avoid wasting time is to understand your audience. Tailor the valuable 20% of content to what is important to this particular set of people, instead of delivering a generalized message that may miss the target. Think about their motivations, their pain-points, and their needs in order to sculpt your messaging.

Be prepared to answer questions

Another wise way to use your time is to prepare for a Q & A. As an extension of knowing your audience, consider what questions the audience may have about your content. This exercise may inspire changes to what falls within your 20%. Not only will you end up with a stronger presentation, you’ll be prepared for inevitable questions.


And finally, be sure to rehearse. Running through the presentation not only increases your familiarity with the content, but also can help identify holes in the content and refine your delivery. Be prepared and use your time wisely.

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