Presentation Design Solutions: What the Heck is a PPSX?

Have you ever wanted to create a mini marketing video? Or, for your pitch deck to feel a little extra special? Or, to send slides to a client or colleague without allowing edits? If so, we need to tell you about one of our favorite presentation design solutions: PPSX files.

PPSX’s have been around for years and years, but we find they are one of the most underutilized tools PowerPoint has to offer.

What is a PPSX?

A PPSX file is a PowerPoint “Show” file. It launches directly into presentation mode when opened, so that your audience is seeing the deck on their screen as you intended it for the big screen. This means your animations, transitions, voiceovers and media are all included seamlessly.

Anyone with an installation of PowerPoint can open and view a PPSX. And anyone can make one – it’s simply a file type selection in your Save As options.  This can be the answer to all sorts of project and delivery dilemmas, but let’s take a look at why they are important for just a few:

Pitch Decks

Making a good impression quickly is what pitch decks are all about. Instead of sending a flat, dead PDF, use a PPSX to create a more engaging and immersive pitch experience, even if you can’t be there.

Hint: Include a voiceover to ensure your message is coming across clearly. 

Training Decks

Interactive decks can be a wonderful for training tools. While you can spend time learning to create these in e-learning specific software, the truth is the capability is already available to you in PowerPoint. Using voiceover and linking, you can create a deck that walks the learner through the subject matter and engages them on the lessons at hand.

Hint: Make sure your slideshow is set to “launch in a window” rather than full screen.

Trade Show or Looping Decks

Whether in your lobby or in a conference hall full of competitors, animated slides can be a great way to herald your benefits quickly. Set timings in your slideshow to trigger animations and slide advances. Your slides will run like a video in the background, freeing you up to make personal connections.

Hint: Include animations to catch the eye in a busy environment.

PPSX files are easy to produce, easy to use and solve a lot of the software quandaries you may have thought were beyond your capabilities. We use them on a regular basis. Consider where they may elevate your deliverables.

Want to try using a powerfully designed PPSX file for one of your projects? We can help!