Creating Business
Presentation Graphics?

A Few Tools to Make Your Slides Better
and Your Life Easier

If you are responsible for producing decks and keeping track of past versions, then you’ve experienced the chaos of creating meaningful work while also maintaining a useful library of resources. The good news? You’re not alone. Developers the world over have created a universe of additional tools that interact directly with PowerPoint: plugins and add-ins.

We’ll take a look at three useful types of plugins, but there are many MANY more.

Focus Attention

Many of our clients end up putting quite a bit of content on each slide. We work iteratively with them to identify and simplify the most important information. However, not all slide decks are created so diligently.

When the project budget or timeline doesn’t allow for such careful consideration, there are plugins that can help you guide your audience’s attention to the right content at the right time. Keep your flow moving and your audience focused. 

Try these plugins to deemphasize parts of your slide in order to highlight important content: Opazity | MagPointer

Engage Your Audience

Engagement is a top goal of our clients. Everyone has been to mind-numbingly dull presentations. To avoid putting your audience to sleep, consider using tools that can directly engage your audience.

One approach to encouraging participation: live polls that the audience can answer using their smart-phones. There are plugins that live update the poll results on the main screen as the audience responds.

Try these live polling plugins: PollEverywhereZeetingsParticipoll

Stay Organized

If your team regularly edits and adjusts previously used slides for new presentations, you may run into issues finding specific slides quickly or keeping track of latest versions. Luckily, there are a whole host of add-ins that create searchable database of all your slides. Now you can quickly find and repurpose them.

A quick example: You are looking for the most recent version of a graph that appeared in several presentations. This type of plugin then searches the slide library it has created by keywords and then sorts by date.

Save time, confusion and budget with these organizational add-ins: TeamSlide | QuickSlide | Shufflrr

Need a clean up on those slides? Drop us a line!