The Perfect Narrative for Your Investor Presentation

Investor presentations are an opportunity to exponentially improve your business and future, but according to Forbes, most entrepreneurs need to do better on their pitch presentations. It is crucial that your investor presentation has perfectly honed messaging and a narrative flow that grabs your potential investors from the get-go.

Similar to a B2B or B2C sales presentation, the key is to forget your ego and think like your audience. Below, we explore how to put together a strong investor presentation.

The most common investor presentation mistakes

Focusing on yourself. Don’t start your presentation with a dry overview slide of your company history or a team slide. Start with what drives you – the problem you intend to solve and how you intend to do that. You must give your investors a reason to care before you talk about yourself.

Being overly technical. Companies with technical experts like engineers or scientists tend to over-estimate the technical knowledge of their potential investors. Investors are looking for financial upsides and do not want to get into the weeds on the technical details of the solution, especially in the initial conversations.

Forgetting to quantify. Your idea and story may be very powerful to you, you may see only opportunity and future success. However, investors need numbers. Use real and projected numbers whenever you can.

Instead, create a powerful narrative

Begin with a bang. Forget the boring info slides and start out by grabbing attention with your solution and the financial upside. Give the problem you’re solving a relatable story and then bolster that with quantifiable market opportunity.

Give the right level of detail. Frame your detail level for your audience – rather than scientific proofs, focus on higher-level experiential stories. Quantify wherever you can. Afraid someone may ask a technical question you aren’t prepared for? Create back-pocket slides for anything you want to have on hand.

Differentiate. Investors like an uncrowded field. Show why you are different, better, and more poised for success than any competitors.

Prove your solution.  Give evidence that your vision works. Testimonials, case studies, or client success stories help lend credence to your idea and make potential investors more confident.

Need help with your next investor presentation?

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