What Should Be In A Pitch Deck?

One of our favorite tasks is helping our clients put together powerful sales presentations to grab new clients and further their mission. We recently covered how not to talk about your company, but what about what should be in a pitch deck? Check out our recipe for a powerful & client-focused sales presentation:



What should be in a pitch deck?
Client focused messaging on how you plan to solve their pain points. This is the simple slide recipe:

  1. Prep with a Pain Point. What is the problem or disadvantage that you plan to solve for your client?
  2. Sauté with Data. Show understanding of the pain point: “Each year companies are losing X on Y!”
  3. Add the Solution. Present your solution for the pain point. Highlight only the most important elements.
  4. Mix in the “Gotta Have It.” What makes your solution the best options for your client?
  5. Chop up the Competition. Why do you blow your competition out of the water?
  6. Taste Test. A quick look at how life will be different for the client: increased savings or productivity, for example.
  7. Top with Proof. Testimonials, case studies or success stories from existing clients.
  8. Serve with a Pain Point Reminder. Revisit the Pain Point and make it personal to your client: “You could be saving X!”
  9. Finish it Off with a Call to Action. What is the next step you want your client to take? Provide each access to it!

SlideRabbit loves pitch decks. Let us help you with your next pitch!