Do You Need A Corporate Presentation Template?

Here at SlideRabbit, many of our clients come to us looking for a corporate presentation template. Templates are excellent tools but they aren’t the the fix-all solutions some companies hope they will be. Here are some factors to consider when you are thinking of investing in a corporate presentation template.

Consider your team

In our templates, we include editable graphs, tables, diagrams and other design assets that the team can use to create new slides. Templates work best for teams that feel comfortable manipulating these PowerPoint (or Keynote) elements.

Less experienced teams will often continue to pull images from the internet or graphs from Excel, rather than using the designed assets. Pulling elements from other places will result in the same unpolished feel, template or not.

Consider your content

Templates are excellent tools for creating consistently laid out slides. Content that consists of a few typical slide types translates well into a template. A series of 7 graphs in a row, for example, will look cohesive and well designed.

However, if your content varies wildly, creating layouts to address the many different possibilities will result in a template that may be too complex for your team to use comfortably. Not to mention that developing, testing, adjusting and training up the team on a complex template may be less cost effective than paying for design clean up.

Consider your goals

What’s your idea of an ideal slide deck? Is it consistent layouts, tightly applied rules and standardized content? If consistency and standards are tantamount, a template may be the right answer.

If you are after visual design and pop, a template may not be the right investment. A template will not turn team members into designers. If you’re after inspired slides with unique visual communication, it may make more sense to invest in content design than a standardized template.

Whether you’re after a corporate presentation template or one-off visual design, we can help. Drop us a line! Or subscribe to our newsletter for more design tips & tricks!