The 2016 Presentation Summit:
A Hivemind of Presentation Consultants and Experts

Last week we were lucky enough to attend our third Presentation Summit. Each year, the Summit has set us a-buzz with ideas and inspiration for our client projects. The breadth and depth in expertise of the presentation consultants in attendance creates a hivemind where we can learn and teach and share. If you spend time in presentation software, or presenting, consider whether 2017 might be your year to join us.

Here some highlights and resources to check out, even if you can’t make the summit:

Nancy Duarte Presentation Consultants

The Illuminating
Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte headlined the Summit this year.Excuse me while I fangirl-out for a second. She is a personal hero for me and a giant in the industry. Her firm, Duarte, is the largest creative firm dedicated to all things presentation.

Nancy came to us this year to talk not only about the importance of narrative and the cadence of good story telling, but also to share her challenges and victories as a presentation design firm owner. She was kind enough to attend several open format question and answer sessions. Her new book Illuminate is a must read for anyone working in presentation content or delivery.

Jonathan Schwabish Presentation ConsultantsVisualizing Data with Jonathan Schwabish

Jonathan is a Senior Research Analyst at the Urban Institute and he’s lucky enough to not only be a number cruncher but also a visionary when it comes to visualizing data. In the picture at right, Jonathan shows us that simple data points, when communicated correctly, can paint a full picture.

I’m not convinced Jonathan sleeps because besides his demanding full time job, he not only publishes an excellent podcast, PolicyViz, he also has a book on the way.

Presentation Podcast Presentation Consultants

Crowdsourcing with the Hosts of The Presentation Podcast

Speaking of excellent podcasts, my biweekly favorite is The Presentation Podcast with Troy Chollar, Nolan Haims and Sandra Johnson. Ranging from high level How Tos to down and dirty software nits, these guys touch on tons of topics in the presentation development realm.

The team recorded Episode 17 live at the Summit this year. Listen closely and you’ll here my two cents on the frustrations of corporate templates.

The Guild Presentation ConsultantsLaunching the Presentation Guild!

That’s me there in the second row on the far right. This is a partial picture of the Presentation Guild “HardRockers” – the seed members invited by the board members at the 2015 Presentation Summit in New Orleans.

If you are in the industry and want access to a wealth of professional support and knowledge, consider joining the Presentation Guild. They are offering $20 the first year of membership with code PRESUM16 until November 5th.

Want great presentations but don’t have the time to learn it yourself? Leave it to us!