Slide Presentation Design2016 By the Numbers: Our Year in Slide Presentation Design

2016 flew by! We added staff, helped a ton of clients and learned a lot of new tricks. Check out the above infographic for the trends and stats from our year in slide presentation design.

Requests for interactive decks have skyrocketed. Our clients increasingly wanted decks that work in nonlinear ways. Nonetheless, Prezi requests have died down significantly. People seem to be back to that old standard: PowerPoint.

We went intercontinental this year with 4 clients in Japan, 2 in the UK and 1 in Germany. In addition to our North American clients, that brought us about 237 projects in 2016.

We work with clients in every industry. Almost 60% of our clients returned for at least one more project. Nearly 20% did more than five projects!

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Did trudge through 2016 fighting with PowerPoint? Let us do it for you in 2017!  Get in touch!