Create Eye-Catching Animated
Explainer Videos in PowerPoint

Along with stunning slides, SlideRabbit also produces explainer videos in PowerPoint and other presentation software. See below to learn about the process and check out our latest!

Need an attention-getting way to market your business? Explainer videos can help answer questions and sell your product or service in a fun & engaging way.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are quick, animated pieces that explain a business. Usually, they cover some combo of product/service, value proposition, and/or process.

These videos typically follow the problem/solution pitch narrative and use visuals to flesh out the story. This narrative immediately captures the audience’s attention because it begins with their pain point. As a marketer, you’ve communicated to the potential client that you understand them, which establishes trust.

Once that trust is built, you can authentically share how you will solve their problem. Voila! You’re marketing to potential clients in a powerful and engaging way.

Check out SlideRabbit’s explainer video!

Made in PowerPoint.

Fun to watch, you barely realize you’re being pitched. These videos can be very effective because people are far more likely to watch a short clip with animation than to read a dry email.

How are they made?

Using auto-timed animations, morph, and auto-advance settings, PowerPoint can be brought to life to operate like more sophisticated animation software. The files easily export to video to be shared in your marketing channels.

And the best part? Since it’s all done in PowerPoint, you can edit your presentation in the future. All that text is live, so no need to go back to the design firm for help every time you want to change a word.

Typically, explainer videos require Adobe Suite software and the creative professionals that use them. However, those agencies are often pricier and resistant to small one-off projects.

Instead of turning to a full-service marketing agency with all that overhead, consider your friendly presentation designers.

PowerPoint and other presentation software have all the tools needed to create dynamic videos. In the right hands, you’ll get a fully produced video at a fraction of the cost.

Ready for an explainer video of your own? Or need some help with presentation design? Drop us a line!

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