Better Slides Through SlideDiets:
Helping The Aurora Bar Association


To help their members create better slides, the Aurora Colorado Bar Association invited SlideRabbit in for a special, legal-focused edition of SlideDiets.

In the legal sphere, the stakes are often high. Lawyers often have to explain complex issues to judges, juries, and even clients. Communicating information clearly and effectively is crucial. Visual aids can have a huge impact on how these audiences understand, believe, and remember information.

But all slides are not created equal. Complex or text-heavy slides can actually work against a presenter.

Due to limitations in our working memories, we can only retain 5 – 7 separate pieces of information at a time. Therefore, visual aids need to be simple and direct. In addition, they need to help to create a narrative which will build connections between information.

Better Slides Through Slide Diets

Quicksnap from the Aurora Bar Association’s SlideDiets


SlideDiets focuses on methods for creating better slides that communicate more clearly. In addition, this course is tailored to help everyday presenters learn to communicate in memory-improving narratives.

SlideDiets workshops focus on a few major skillsets using real-life before & after examples:

  • reducing content to the essentials
  • communicating ideas visually
  • using slides to inspire narrative stories
  • creating memory devices for your audience
  • using display tricks to make your slides work even harder

At SlideRabbit, we believe that better slides make better presenters. Whatever the subject matter, if your slides are working harder for you, your audience is more likely to understand, believe, and remember. 

Better Slides Through Slide Diets

The Honorable Judge Lisa Teesch-Maguire & SlideRabbit Founder, Bethany Auck

Our founder, Bethany Auck began her presentation development career in litigation.

She’s worked with lawyers from AmLaw 100 firms and Fortune 100 companies to create powerful visual aids for juries and witnesses.

As a result of this workshop, SlideDiets has been certified as a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course.

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