Struggling to Finish Your PowerPoint Presentation Before the Holidays? We Can Help!

In our previous post, we reviewed some of PowerPoints best shortcuts. We were happy to see that many of you took advantage of the cheat-sheet that we made available for download! This made us so happy that we decided to do it again!

Using Shortcuts with the Ribbon

Just like the function shortcuts, you can navigate through the design ribbon more quickly with some help from your Alt key.  Don’t waste anymore time reaching for your mouse and searching for the correct tab in the ribbon. Wrap up your PowerPoint presentation and start your holiday weekend a little quicker with the help of our cheat-sheet below.

PowerPoint presentation




Click here to download this cheat-sheet.

Shortcuts can take a second to get used to, but once you have identified the commands you use most often and memorized those, you will be flying through your design process. Combine these ribbon shortcuts with the function shortcuts from our previous post and you’ll be tossing your mouse out with the trash.

Still can’t get over the hump? Let us do it for you!