3 Steps to Excellent Storytelling
for Business Presentations

Interested in improving your storytelling for business presentations? SlideRabbit specializes in presentation design and development, which includes a variety of services. Primarily, we focus on custom-branded slide design, but the first step is to make sure we are working with the most effective narrative possible.

It’s commonly known that our brains are wired for story, and that narrative can improve memory and persuasion in our personal lives. We can relate to stories because they help us understand our world and the people in it.

Now that this knowledge is a part of the marketing and branding business world, our clients often ask, “how do I make my boring business presentation compelling?”

SlideRabbit can improve your storytelling for business presentations

It’s hard to tell your story in a compelling way! Maybe it’s because you are too focused in on the details or feel that your most important points are falling flat.

Narrative and storytelling are critical to effective presentations. Our brains are wired for stories, so do your audience a favor by finding the story behind your product, service or even your financial report.

SlideRabbits team members have been working in storytelling and narrative development for over a decade. We are trained to find persuasive and meaningful stories in any material. Whether you have a business plan, a set of slides, or just an idea, we can find a powerful and moving story.

What is the process?

Establishing the desired outcome

We’ll start by identifying the main goal of the presentation, the audience, and the environment. Are you convincing an internal team to buy-in to a new company direction? Are you pitching a new product to potential investors? Maybe you’re tasked with breaking some bad financial news to higher-ups. No matter the target audience or the message, there is a story to be uncovered.

Once we have the goals and challenges nailed down, we review any and all of the available material. For a pitch deck, for example, would likely include marketing collateral and business plans.

Crafting the story

Storytelling is critical in powerful presentation delivery. The next step is building a story-line that will best appeal to the audience identified in the initial goals. We follow a few different practices for this step, depending on the content. Each practice results in a rough outline or storyboard that includes both talking points and visual elements.

Bringing the story to life

Once the story outline is final and approved, we’ll get to work bringing the concepts identified to life. The content will be designed to work with the talk track, illustrating the speaker’s points and keeping the audience engaged. Text is kept to a minimum to maximize your influence as the presenter.

SlideRabbit uses visual elements to tell a story or make a point. This is called informational design, and it’s what our designers do best. Check out our portfolio for some examples.

Instead of bullet points, we use visual elements to express ideas in more attention-grabbing ways. We use a variety of tactics such as diagrams, images, graphs and charts to visually communicate and persuade. Visual elements are key to grabbing the audiences attention during a presentation. No more glazed eyes.

How do I learn how to do this myself?

We are your partner every step of the way. Our clients gain a lot of skills during narrative sculpting services. In addition, we also offer workshops that focus on building a narrative, improving slides, and creating PowerPoint super users. Let us help!


Interested in improving your storytelling for business presentations? We’d love to help. Drop us a line!