SlideRabbit Custom Presentations

The SlideRabbit Summit:
Bettering Our Custom Presentations

Each year, we attend the annual Presentation Summit to share ideas with, and learn from, experts in our industry. In our never-ending quest to deliver the best custom presentations to our clients, we decided this year to extend our stay and hold our own summit.

Due to our overwhelming client workload, we rarely get to just sit and learn from one another. We appreciate all of our clients’ patience with us during those three days; it was a crucial and beneficial event and we hope to do it again next year.

As a token of our appreciation, below are some tricks and tips from the SlideRabbit Summit.

Fun Tricks & Tips

With PowerPoint’s new subscription model, the tool is constantly changing. We reviewed some of our favorite new features and reminded each other of some of the great old standbys.

Custom Presentations ZoomWhen using Zoom, a newer feature, you can change the image of the “zoom to” slide to any image — the functionality remains intact. Use an emoji or custom icon rather than the slide thumbnail to give your navigation slide more life. Click the image at left for the super simple instructions.

Custom Presentations Pan

An old standby, Pan, is often overlooked. This transition keeps all the master elements in place as the slides progress, allowing for really slick diagrams or journey maps across multiple slides. Click the image at right to find it in your transitions menu.

New Services!

Custom Presentations WorkshopOur ultimate goal is to help our clients produce the best presentations, both in design quality and communication value. To that end, SlideRabbit is launching customized training offerings! More information to come, so please keep an eye out!


If you’d like to book a custom training or are in need of design for custom presentations, drop us a line!