4 Highlights from The Presentation Summit: Sharing Skills for Professional Presentations

Here at SlideRabbit we make professional presentations. The annual Presentation Summit is like our Super Bowl; where the best and brightest of our industry come together to learn and bond. Though we had to miss last year, we were happy to make our return for our fifth summit this year. Below is some information and highlights about this amazing conference. 

Professional presentations skills

Sharing skills about professional presentations in conference sessions

Like any conference, the main attraction is the learning. The summit is chock-full of helpful sessions by experts. We all share knowledge and skills to better the industry.

Here Nolan Haims is discussing some of the new features within PowerPoint to make presentations more accessible for all audiences.

This year’s sessions spanned topics from presenting skills to super technical skills. Every year, there’s something to learn even for the most seasoned presentationists.

Professional Presentations w Microsoft

Discussing PowerPoint’s opportunities & improvements with Microsoft

Our favorite session every year! The very brave PowerPoint dev team from Microsoft takes the hot seat to answer questions, hear gripes and offer a little insight into what’s to come for PowerPoint.

This team is amazingly open to what is plaguing people about PowerPoint and dedicated to creating the best tool that they can. The team stays for the full conference and is available for help and further discussion on any issues with the software.

The Presentation Summit is not officially only focused on PowerPoint, but as the most ubiquitous software in our profession, we are always excited to bend their ear.

Professional Presentations Guild

Finding community with the Presentation Guild

Each year, the Presentation Guild holds its annual meeting on Sunday at the conference. This year, we reviewed the last year’s progress including the addition of our Slack workspace and the launch of our certifications program.

Upcoming excitement includes the launch of a regional meet-up initiative. We also announced our new board members and the results of the officer elections. Congrats to our own founder, Bethany Auck, on her election to the office of Vice President.

Joining the Guild is a great way to keep the learning and community begun at the Summit going all year long.

Bonding and relaxing with our industry’s best minds

You’d think at a conference full of competing firms you’d find animosity or stand-offish-ness. You’d be wrong.

Professional Presentationists

This group of people is united in one main goal: elevating the profession of presentation-focus design & development. We are all working together to eradicate “death by PowerPoint” and help professionals learn to communicate visually. To that end, we’re all friends here. We share tips & tricks and find firms with complementary services that we may be able to work with in the future.

SlideRabbit has no official tie to the Summit, but we love what it represents. Want to join us for learning and fun next year? We’ll be in Seattle and Garr Reynolds, the author of Presentation Zen, will be there with us! Learn more here.

If you need help with your presentations, either design or development, consider going with SlideRabbit. We lead at the cusp of our industry. Drop us a line!