Congratulations to our Certified Presentation Specialists!

Here at SlideRabbit, our team is filled with presentation specialists of all sorts, but today we celebrate a special accomplishment. 

This week, The Presentation Guild launched its certification program. With the initial level of Presentation Specialist, this certification is the first of its kind – focused solely on presentation development and design. It’s comprised of an online test and a set of practical exercises.

Our team was lucky enough to get tapped for the early user acceptance testing round. We’d like to offer our sincerest congratulations to our Art Directors, Tara Sheffield & Erinn Lawber for knocking the exam out of the park!

SlideRabbit’s Certified Presentation Specialists!

SlideRabbit Certified Presentation Specialists

Tara & Erinn have been working in presentation design for over a decade and at SlideRabbit since its inception and 2014, respectively.

As the Guild continues to develop their certification program, they plan to add higher-level certifications for Expert and Master. Learn more about certifications here.

If you’d like to be able to say that your presentations are developed by certified specialists, drop us a line!

Full disclosure: Bethany Auck, Founder of SlideRabbit, sits on the Board of Directors for the Presentation Guild. SlideRabbit is receiving no payment for this post; we’re just excited to celebrate the new program and our success!