Good to Know: Professional Presentation Resources

For those of us who create presentations regularly, it can be easy to get stuck in a production-mode rut. When time and budget limitations come into play, we tend to fall back on old habits and repurpose previous ideas. While adapting previous work can be smart, it’s important to remember to pick up our heads and look outward for inspiration now and again.

Here at SlideRabbit we share inspiration we find in all aspects of design, not just presentation. We look for examples of print, packaging, web and product design that can inspire new and interesting presentation of information.

If you ever feel stuck, there many excellent resources directly from professional presentation sources. Here are just a few:

Illuminate by Nancy Duarte

We love all things Duarte here, not the least of which are her e-books. Illuminate is full of excellent ideas and creative design. Nancy will be headlining the Presentation Summit this year and we cannot wait to see her speak. Join us there for another excellent source of professional presentation thought-sharing.


The Presentation Podcast

Our close friend and colleague Nolan Haims has started a wonderful podcast with some other thought leaders in the industry. You can subscribe to The Presentation Podcast on iTunes for great tips on both the technical and design sides of presentation development from some true experts.


SlideRabbit at the Colorado Tech Summit

More to come on this soon, but we will be sharing some advice and strategies for simplifying your content while simultaneously improving your design at the Colorado Technology Summit in May. Our class, “Slide Diets” will help your slim down your content for sleeker slides with more impact.

There are great sources of inspiration and professional presentation knowledge and advice all around you. Next time your find yourself using your tried and true old methods to pump out a presentation, challenge yourself to pull in a new strategy from the wealth of knowledge available. Maybe even share some of your tips with those who could use them!

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