Custom Template Training Available with Our Presentation Template Design Services

Presentation templates are a great resource, but at SlideRabbit, we know they can be challenging to actually work in. For that reason, we offer custom built templates. To help our clients work smarter, we provide tutorial files and optional Template Training Workshops. We tailor the tutorials and workshop to your template so that everything is easy to follow and apply.

Though that workshop is very tailored, other tips & tricks apply to all template work. A few useful basic software skills anyone can use:


Layouts are designed at the master level to keep formatting consistent and the content visually balanced.

To start a new slide from a certain slide layout, click the carrot next to the new slide button on the home tab. Select the desired layout from the drop down menu. Change the layout of a given slide with layout button on the home tab. Select the desired layout from the drop down menu.

Pro Tip: If you accidentally move a placeholder, use the “Reset Layout” button to snap everything back into the right place. 

Presentation Template Design

Copying slides

Templates are especially useful for changing a slide built in one presentation to match another. Both templates must be well-built to do this cleanly.

When copy & pasting slides from other presentations, PowerPoint defaults to adjusting the slide to the “Destination Theme.” Do not override that default. However, you may need to select a more appropriate layout, depending on the content.

Pro tip: Copy & pasting into the presentation may create stray layouts.Presentation Template Design


Keep text to a minimum, but circumstances may arise where bullets become necessary.

To navigate between the first-level copy and the first-level bullet, use the Indent and Outdent button on the Home tab. Depending on how your template is built, Tab and Shift-Tab may work to go back and forth between second- and third-level bullets (but use caution: if incorrectly built, some templates will not obey text styles when using Shift-Tab).

Presentation Template Design

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