2019 Presentation Design Trends

With the dawn of each new year, comes the emergence of the trends that will define this trip around the sun. Presentation design trends are no different. We’ve scoured the web to find the emerging design trends for this year. Below we discuss how to use them in your presentations.

The color of the year

One of the most publicized design trends each year is Pantone’s “Color of the Year.”

Pantone Presentation Design TrendsThis year, they have selected Living Coral, a light and bright pink-ish hue inspired by one of earth’s precious ecosystems.

While you may be able to take inspiration directly from this color and incorporate it into your decks, what if you are working with a set brand palette?

Remember that color trends usually mirror societal trends. Think bigger than the color to the things that it represents – perhaps a turn towards warmer colors or a celebration of nature.

We expect to see more warm, natural colors in 2019 presentations.

3D and animated elements

With the continued rise of quality animation and rendering in movies & advertising, it’s not surprising that we’re starting to see animated elements appear in branding.

As it applies to presentation design, we expect to see a lot more subtle autoplay animation baked into templates and more bold and exciting animations used in conference and event decks.

Perhaps, as it continues to improve, PowerPoint’s 3D Model Tool may gain some higher demand.

Asymmetrical & unexpected layouts

This trend is popping up all over website design. Though not exactly new, it seems to be making a come back.

Asymmetrical Presentation Design TrendsWe’re seeing site elements settling less into the traditional grid layouts we expect. Instead, elements are landing into overlapping and surprising compositions.

This trend will translate easily to presentation design.

We expect slide layouts to evolve to mirror this trend. As a result, images, text, and other elements will interact with each other in new ways.

The presentation design trends of 2019 are still emerging. Drop us a line to keep your presentation game tight.