For Better Presentations,
Slim Down Your Slides

At SlideRabbit, we love to help out clients create better presentations. Not only do we love to use design to bring client content to life, we also love to help our clients improve their content. Simple, direct and clear content is easiest for audiences to understand and remember.

Too often, client presentations come to us stuffed with wordy, busy slides. The first step?

Put those chunky slides on a diet – slim down your content.

We use several different approaches to make slides communicate more efficiently. These include reducing content, adding useful elements and employing software tricks to help a lot of content feel more digestible. All these tactics are part of our Slide Diet plan.

Last week I was lucky enough to present a Webinar on this very topic in conjunction with PresentationXpert. After a quick panic on killing the echo in my office, the webinar went off without a hitch. We had a fantastic audience of participators and all learned quite a bit.

If you missed it, you can read the recap and get the slides here or check out the full recording below:

Communicating effectively to your audience it all about finding your most important message and laying it bare. Get the clutter and detail off your slides so that your audience can immediately understand your point. The more direct the message, the more your audience will take away.

If you like free help and advice on creating better presentations, I do encourage you to check out PresentationXpert. They produce many useful webinars – all free to you.

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