Announcing! Customized Presentation Workshops!

Earlier this year, we took time for a SlideRabbit retreat to reset, learn, and grow. During that time, we talked about how to help our clients make the best slides possible. To serve that end…

we are launching our new customized presentation workshops, SlideDiets*!

Download the infosheet or read on for more information!

SlideDiets Presentation Workshops

Do your slides need a diet?

When presenting, the goal is always to impact the audience.

Crowded slides confuse and overwhelm listeners. Unless your point is immediately clear, you’ll be looking at glazed eyes in no time.

Simple content makes slides immediately more understandable and more memorable. The audience will understand, digest, and remember more of what was said. With simpler slides, your presentations are more effective.

What will you learn?

SlideDiets is all about how to reduce your content without losing meaning or information.

While we don’t advocate completely textless slides, we will teach you ways to reduce wordiness and communicate graphically.

You’ll learn how to cull down text, address redundancy, and express thoughts more powerfully and visually. Also included are software tips & tricks to make your slides work better together.

Our customized workshops use samples from your organization, so that we can best tailor our recommendations to your trouble spots, skillsets and needs.

Improve your team’s ability to produce more functional and memorable slides without outside help or expense.

How do I get this rolling!?

We offer three variations of SlideDiets to meet every budget and need.

Please click here for our informational sheet, which covers the offerings and shares testimonials from previous attendees. Ready to rock right now? Send an email to [email protected] to get this party started!

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients deliver the most effective and visually stunning presentations. Our new SlideDiets© customized presentation workshops will help our clients deliver better presentations on a regular basis.

Contact us for pricing and any other inquiries!

*SlideDiets workshops, and methods are a copyright of SlideRabbit, LLC.