2020’s Exciting Presentation
Design Trends

Here at SlideRabbit, we’ve always got one ear perked for emerging presentation design trends. From conferences, to client work, to shifts in neighboring design fields, the signs are everywhere. Here’s what we see coming for presentation design in 2020.


As we trend as a society towards inclusion and accessibility for all, presentations won’t be long to follow. In 2020, we expect to see presenters make use of more tools to reach audience members with disabilities. Additionally, we expect presentation imagery to continue to be more inclusive to all genders, races, and abilities.

Microsoft has launched a new set of accessibility tools, making it easier to ensure that more of your audience can understand and learn from you.

SlideRabbit has also launched an accessibility audit for templates and presentations. Learn more.


We expect to see a lot more out-of-the-box typography in 2020. Brands continue to personalize, and font choice is a great way to express a unique personality.

With improvements in PowerPoint embedding functionality, presentation designers are now able to follow the trends in other design industries to make user-friendly files with custom fonts.

Bold Use of Color

In the same vein as custom text, brands are also opting for less-buttoned up color profiles. In 2020, we predict that presentation designers will be freed up to experiment with louder and riskier color pairings and gradients.

We can see these bold new colors on the home pages of older and more conservative organizations:

Presentation Design Trends Color

Shaking off those stodgy corporate personalities appeals to the younger generations and simultaneously improves the the options for daring presentation design.

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