VIP GoogleSlides & PowerPoint Presentation Service:

Introducing SlideRabbit Retainers!

SlideRabbit provides presentation design services and workshops geared towards helping our clients inform and persuade their audiences. 

Since 2012, we’ve been providing our clients with top-notch presentation design and development services. We’ve always worked hourly, helping clients on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In an effort to serve our wonderfully loyal clients better, we are introducing a retainer program!

The New SlideRabbit VIP Retainer Program

New for 2020, our retainer program will allow committed clients to access lower rates and prioritized scheduling. For instance, a client who would like to commit to 50 hours a month will receive those hours at a lower rate than if they were going hourly. Additionally, our retainer program VIP clients will enjoy prioritized scheduling over clients without reserved hours.

While we are still shaping the program, retainer clients can plan to enjoy:

  • Reduced rates for SlideRabbit services
  • A retainer package customized to their needs
  • Expedited service and preferential scheduling
  • Rollover hour allotments, depending on the size of the retainer
  • Regular billing reports on usage and cost savings

Get in touch to find out how a SlideRabbit retainer could save you money and improve your presentations!

GoogleSlides & PowerPoint Presentation Services

SlideRabbit provides a host of services to help you look your best. All of these services will be included with retainer agreements:

  • Presentation narrative sculpting
  • Concept development
  • Content simplification & editing
  • Content design
  • Template design & development
  • Event branding design
  • Marketing collateral design
  • ADA compliance auditing & correction
  • Rush edits & support

See some samples here or check out how it works below!

Interested in streamlining your presentation development with a little help from SlideRabbit? Get in touch!

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