10 Incredible Years of SlideRabbit,
a Presentation Services Company

This past weekend, SlideRabbit, your favorite presentation services company, turned 10!

We could not be more excited, or humbled, to reach this milestone. According to Investopedia, 65% of businesses fail before 10 years in. It takes more than luck to make it in any business, but in presentation design especially, the landscape has changed hugely over the last ten years.

As awareness grew and customer needs changed, we have been honored to keep standing the test of time. Much of that success is owed to our amazing team of designers, who rise to every occasion.

SlideRabbit does nearly 80% of its annual revenue in repeat or referral business, which means that the team continues to delight our clients again and again.

Lessons from a decade
as a presentation services company

We’ve learned a lot along the way.
Here are our top learnings from a decade of helping clients tell their best stories:

Presentation Services Company DesignOne-size-fits-all design does not exist

In today’s world, people expect and deserve high quality design. Stock illustration packs, over-used Microsoft templates, amateurish branding – all these things are subtle implications that a business is not professional or trustworthy.

Even while that is the case, not all budgets can afford Fortune 100-level branding and materials.

SlideRabbit’s clientele is mostly medium to large companies, which means we work with a huge range of industries, goals, and, especially, budgets.

Over the years, it has become essential to customize each project based on specific needs and goals, making design attainable for clients with differing budgets and allowing clients to guide us in target investment levels.

Tailoring our stellar design to fit even smaller budgets shows our clients they can rely on us to be their partner, rather than just a vendor.

Presentation Services Company GraphEven “boring” content
deserves to look good

Not every presentation is on a stage in front of thousands. Not every one will garner millions of shares on the internet. Not every presentation is going to be moving and inspiring.

But that does not matter.

Anytime a client needs to present, the goal is the same: to effectively communicate information.

Whether it’s a life-changing perspective shift, or quarterly financial results, we bring the same eye for communication and design finesse to every presentation.

Presentation Services Company UniqueEvery presentation services
company is unique

Just like every project benefits from customized services and attention, every presentation services company out there has different capabilities, preferred projects and special skills.

Not every presentation agency is right for every client, which can be daunting when looking for a partner for presentation needs.

Realizing that we cannot be everything to every potential client was difficult to come to terms with, but ultimately… freeing.

We specialize so that we can do our absolute best in the presentation space, which often means turning away tangential work.

Presentation Services Company CheersGatekeeping will get you nowhere

One thing we absolutely love about the presentation industry is its collaborative and cooperative nature. From the Presentation Guild to the Presentation Summit, we have learned and laughed so much with those some might consider our competitors.

We have been inspired by Nolan Haims Creative, saved hours of work with BrightCarbon’s free plugin BrightSlide, and traded business development ideas with GhostRanch. And there are so many more who have influenced our work in many ways.

A big thanks to all of our presentation competitors presentation compatriots!

In turn, rather than gatekeeping our “secret sauce” we regularly share our strategies and technical knowledge with the community. Via this blog, conference seminars, and our workshops, we believe in advancing presentation skills for all.

10 years of thanks!

We have so much gratitude for our clients.

Without clients, a presentation services company is, quite literally, nothing. But beyond that, our clients make our days fun, exciting, and rewarding.

We look forward to continuing to partner with our existing clients and new clients for another decade, and beyond!

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