Upcoming Presentation? SlideRabbit Can Help.

From basic slide creation to complex animations and infographics, SlideRabbit’s presentation
design and production services bring high-level creative value to every industry at low cost levels.
For more specific core competency information, please visit our Expertise page.

  • Advanced PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi presentation design
  • Custom, branded templates and slide-layouts
  • Concept animation and illustration
  • Presentation flow and content consulting
  • Infographic and marketing design
  • Optimization for print, Trade Shows, Webinars and iPad display
  • Hourly rates range from $50 to $150; no budget is too small

Presentation Design PowerPoint Keynote Graphics Support
slidesupport@sliderabbit.com | 773.672.7219
Presentation Design PowerPoint Keynote Graphics Support Creative

The end product was modern and fresh.
It was about half the cost of the other quotes we received.
Steptoe & Johnson, LLP
SlideRabbit provided outstanding services to create our logo. The creative process was seamless and the iterations were
exceptionally precise and timely. I highly recommend SlideRabbit and look forward to using their services again!
Managing Director, CorpCROP
As a non-profit, we have to strike a balance between high quality work and reasonable cost. SlideRabbit delivered a product and service
that exceded our expectations in every way.
I have not hesitated to recommend SlideRabbit to our partner organizations.
Outreach Coordinator, Teacher's United
Presentation Design PowerPoint Keynote Graphics Support Creative


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Presentation Design PowerPoint Keynote Graphics Slide Support Creative

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SlideRabbit’s core competencies are Litigation Support, Sales and Marketing Presentations, Corporate Communications and Branding.

Custom Presentation Slide Design

Custom Slide Design | Keynote, Prezi & PowerPoint Presentations

Presentation Design

Escape the pitfalls of the hum-drum slideshow presentation. SlideRabbit designs branded, poignant and memorable presentations.

Custom Slide Design

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SlideRabbit fits all budgets and service level needs. Let us battle through presentation software so you can focus on your content.

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