Need a SlideDiet? Recent Feedback on Our Presentation Workshop

This year, we launched a new service: SlideDiets, a customized presentation workshop.

SlideDiets Presentation Workshop

SlideDiets workshops are based on a review of the everyday, real-life slides presented within an organization. Since we evaluate a large sample of work, we uncover where company slide production is going wrong. Consequently, we offer specialized solutions, tailored to the team and the content.

Our goal is to help our clients make better slides. With better visuals, audiences are more likely to understand, believe, and remember information.

As a result, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for this presentation workshop! If your organization is on the fence about whether this course could work for you, then here’s some feedback from our Q1 workshop attendees.

Motivating & Invigorating

“Because a workshop like this is personalized with our company’s template, it helps everyone get on the same page and work more effectively in PowerPoint.”

“It was very useful and I don’t often need to create slides. It’s safe to say every professional will walk away prepared to create better slides using the proper formatting/colors/images.”

SlideDiets Presentation Workshop Reviews

Easy-to-Execute Solutions

“I learned a lot about visual presentation, white space and clean graphics. Very informative and great!”

“Seeing different ways to consolidate information on a slide or reformatting data to present it in a clean and efficient way was most helpful to me.”

“[Bethany] shows layouts you can use versus the typical everyday bullet points to get your point across.”

Helpful Software Skills 

“Bethany did a fantastic job on training us how to use our company template.”

“[I learned] how to integrate data externally via Excel into the PowerPoint template as well as pretty much everything about using the template and all of the tools at our disposal.

Ready to make better slides? Then download this SlideDiets infosheet or drop us a line to schedule a presentation workshop!


SlideDiets_ Presentation Workshop