Slide Design Webinar Recap

Previously, we explored some of the benefits of master slides and default settings on the blog. Then we followed up with our first slide design webinar with PresentationXpert!

During the webinar we discussed why branding is important in presentation development, reviewed some of the basic concepts covered in the blog post, and then graduated to a live training. We covered using the PowerPoint master & default tools, customizing the theme and creating a simple branded template in 20 minutes or less.

We had a great time teaching some of our favorite tricks and answering questions from the attendees. Spending a little time in these backend areas of PowerPoint will streamline your slide production and improve your slide design.

In case you missed it…

… watch the full video training:

… get the slides:

… and download the handout, which contains a quickstart guide for making your own simple branded template and links to some great slide design resources.

PresentationXpert offers free webinars and resources on all facets of presenting. We recommend signing up for their newsletter to catch more helpful webinars in the future.

We had such a blast and hope to offer more slide design webinars in the future. Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out!