Meet the Microsoft PowerPoint Experts!

Here at SlideRabbit, we consider ourselves PowerPoint experts, but there are still many things about the tool that mystify us. Why was the software built the way it was? When will a certain feature be added or fixed? Any chance we could add a wishlist feature?

Getting in touch with the developers at Microsoft is understandably difficult; after all, they create the most ubiquitous software package in the world.

But that changes now. Through the Presentation Guild, the everyday user can ask questions of the PowerPoint Development team.

The ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ event

Date: February 17th, 2022
Time: 2:00-3:00pm EST

At this free event hosted by the Presentation Guild, Nolan Haims of the Presentation Guild will lead a panel discussion with Microsoft PowerPoint experts who design and program the software. These experts are there to answer questions from the Guild membership, and viewing the event is open to all. This is not only a great opportunity to hear directly from the team that makes the software you work with every day, but also a learning experience where you’ll gain knowledge on some of PowerPoint’s features and functions that are new to you.

What might you learn?

At the event, you can expect questions and answers about specific features and even bugs. The team might even preview what’s coming up in the development pipeline. Plus, learn how to get on the early rollout schedule for new features!

More about the Presentation Guild

If you are regularly working in PowerPoint, but don’t have a professional team and community to turn to for help and growth, get to know the Presentation Guild. The Guild was creating to connect professionals working in the presentation space. It’s an active and supportive community, where you can learn skills, meet people, and grow your career.

(Disclosure: Our Founder, Bethany Auck, is the current President of the Presentation Guild.)

If you are a presentation designer, did you know we are looking for a new team member? Check out job details here!