Great PowerPoint Design:
How to Make Your
Presentation Memorable

Memory is a fickle master. Our brains latch on to information for lots of reasons, but even important information can easily escape us. So how can we ensure that our audience will retain the information we share? Here are a few great PowerPoint design tips for a more memorable presentation:

Supply an Image

Our brains work in pictures: we create images in our minds; understand them more quickly; and remember them longer. Adding an image to slides on important concepts will increase your audience’s retention, but make sure that your image is powerful and relevant to the point.

Not only do we remember images more easily, we also believe them more readily than words.

Spark Emotion

Emotional events are locked into our memory. Whether positive or negative, strong emotions fix themselves and their triggers in our brains.

Create emotional responses in your audience members by using salient examples to which they can relate. Taking the time to figure out how to relate to your audience’s experience in this way will improve not only your content and persuasion power, but also the memorability of your information.

Tell a Story

Why and how are important to us. Narrative is quite literally the language we all speak. Our brains constantly work to make sense of input by identifying relationships between data and creating a sensical order of events. Telling stories in presentation helps the audience put your content into a context they can easily understand and remember.

Your presentation is only as powerful as it’s ability to reach and stick with your audience. Employ simple tricks like using imagery, creating emotion and storytelling to increase your audience’s chances of retaining your information.

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