Comprehensive PowerPoint Training for Your Team

Have you been looking for PowerPoint training for your organization? Here at SlideRabbit, we put on a host of workshops, but we also put together custom curriculums to suite specific needs. Whether it’s technical training or something like learning to create narrative, SlideRabbit can help up your team’s presentation game.

All training sessions and workshops are also available in Google Slides!

Some PowerPoint training options:

PPT 101

Hiring a class of interns or analysts? PowerPoint technical skills are rarely taught in school, but you’ll want them making presentations efficiently at work. Our PowerPoint 101 course will introduce your team to the interface, teach them where to find important tools, and set them up with productivity skills.

Best practices

Beyond basic software skills, we offer training on how to use the company template and assets to create on-brand presentations quickly. We’ll cover how to follow template guidelines, how to execute appropriate formatting, and the Dos and Do Nots of slide production.

Data deep dive

Presenting data is a critical skill for the health of an organization, but many lack the knowledge to do it effectively. In our data trainings, we discuss how to best display particular types of data sets as well as reviewing the technical skills to create impactful graphs and tables.

Reducing text & redundancy

By far the most necessary and underutilized skill in presentation production: writing for presentation. We’ve all heard the term “Death by PowerPoint.” Learning to write and edit for presentation is crucial to creating powerful presentations that will get your message through in a memorable way.

Presentation production is a skill mostly learned on the job. We offer PowerPoint training to help your team get ahead of the ball and communicate more effectively.

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